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Questionnaire for stakeholder consultation 2011 on multi-functionality of grasslands in Europe

Multisward wants active involvement of stakeholders. This involvement supports the development of a common learning environment on grassland based farming systems, it will improve the scope for anchoring new developments (in Multisward as well as in concurrent or future projects), which are based on better understanding of societies perspective on sustainability of grasslands.

Two questionnaires are available :

  • The first one is to obtain your own perception of the use of grasslands in your region : Which farming systems currently make use of grasslands? What functions grasslands are required to fulfil, now and in the future? How the quality of the contribution of grasslands to these functions is, or can be, measured (indicators)? What constraints prevent grasslands fulfilling the required functions? What near-future policies (2010-2020) are foreseen to impact on (use of) grasslands?
    To fill in the questionnaire:
    This questionnaire is also available in Dutch, Italian, Polish, German and French.