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Output & deliverables

All along the project, every workpackage will release deliverables for the public audience.






 Workpackage 1






 Workpackage 2




 Workpackage 3



 Workpackage 4



 Workpackage 5




 Workpackage 6





 Workpackage 7


D1.1 : Report on roles and utility of grassland in Europe (.pdf)

D5.1 : Socio-economic and political driving force (.pdf)

D6.1 : MULTISWARD Website (.pdf)

D6.2 : MULTISWARD Leaflet (.pdf)

D1.2 : Report on appreciation of the current and future functions of grasslands in Europe and identification of implementation gaps between today and future multi-functionalities, as seen by international stakeholders (.pdf)

D2.3 : Inventory of wider biodiversity impacts from studies of permanent grasslands (.pdf)

D4.1 : The characteristics of sustainable grass-based ruminant production systems are identified and the key measurements of sustainability to be undertaken in Task 4.2, Task 4.3 and Task 4.4 are established (.pdf)

D6.3 : First version of the sheet for data collection on the collaborative forum (.pdf)

D6.4 : Session at the EGF meetings (.pdf)


D1.3 : Report on appreciation of the future functions of grassland and identification of research and implementation gaps between today and future multi-functionalities by national stakeholders (.pdf)

D2.4 : Analysis of existing experiments to deliver enhanced understanding of sward dynamics in MSS (.pdf)

D3.1 : Progress report on the effect of plant species diversity on the environmental roles of grassland at the field level as input for Task 3.3 and 3.4 (.pdf)

D3.2 : Progress report on the effect of grassland management on grassland biodiversity from the field to the landscape level as input for Task 3.4 and 3.5 (.pdf)

D6.5 : E-learning and e-training centre in an upgradable version(.pdf)


D1.4 : Note on near-future policies (2012-2020) regarding grasslands that will be required to fill gaps between today and future multi-functionalities of grasslands as seen by national stakeholders (.pdf)

D5.3 : Relative competitiveness of grassland-based and non grassland-based livestock systems in the EU-25 (.pdf)


D1.5 : Note with most appropriate scenarios for multifunctional grasslands (.pdf)

D1.6 : Synthesis paper on perception of European stakeholders on multifunctional grasslands (.pdf)

D2.8 : Relationships between diversity, animal performance and ecosystem services gained from existing and Common Experiment: SUMMARY VERSION (.pdf)

D2.9 : Digestibility and greenhouse gas emissions from ryegrass/white clover swards completed (.pdf)

D3.4 : Guide book describing a selected set of indicators (and the standard procedure for their calculation) for the evaluation of ecosystem services of grassland-based ruminant production systems at regional level (.pdf)

D3.5 : Synthesis report of the interactions between grassland management, diversity and environmental services at the local level based on the case study of Task 3.4 (.pdf)

D3.6 : Final report describing options for improving the environmental roles of grassland at the field level through the optimisation of the botanical composition of the swards (.pdf)

D3.7 : Final report describing options for improving biodiversity in grassland-based ruminant production systems by differentiated grassland management at the farm level (.pdf)

D4.4 : Models capable of calculating comparable parameters of sustainability in France, Ireland and the Netherlands will be developed (.pdf)

D4.5 : Multicriteria evaluation from modelling of innovations (including management strategies) and technologies to increase the overall sustainability and competitiveness of grassland based ruminant production systems (.pdf)

D5.4 : Determining the Sources of Efficiency on Livestock Farms (.pdf)

D5.5 : Impact of policy changes and technological innovations on the viability and persistence of sustainable grassland systems and the environment (.pdf)

D5.6 : Effectiveness of policy measures aiming at supporting sustainable grassland use (.pdf)

D6.4bis : Sessions at the EGF meetings (.pdf)

D6.6 : Common resources for symposia in national grasslands societies (.pdf)

D6.7 : Documents for dissemination meetings to extension services and national registration offices (.pdf)

D6.8 : Handbook (.pdf)